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A clinical background is necessary for the effective application of EMDR therapy. Attendance at the workshop is limited to all levels of social workers and mental health professionals who have a master’s degree or higher in the mental health field and are licensed or certified through a state or national board which authorizes independent practice. You will be expected to begin the use of EMDR with at least two cases during the course of this training. If this is not possible, please apply at another time. The trainer reserves the right to decline admission to any applicant who does not meet these requirements. The standard refund policy will apply.


Qualifying Medical Doctors must have specialist training in Psychiatry and also must be licensed to practice in their state.

Qualifying Registered Nurses must have a Master’s Level psychiatric nursing degree and must be licensed to practice in their state.

Qualifying Mental Health Clinicians must have completed a Master’s Level or Doctorate Level Graduate Program in the mental health field (Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, or Social Work) or a closely-related mental health discipline considered appropriate by EMDRIA (emdria.org) AND also must be licensed or certified through their state or national credentialing board.

Licensed Professional Counselors with degrees in the expressive arts or in addiction treatment will need to have their education reviewed by EMDRIA before acceptance into EMDR basic training.  Please contact EMDRIA directly (1-512-451-5200 or see their website (emdria.org) for review of eligibility before applying to this training.  You may submit the approval documentation (which can be in the form of an approval email from EMDRIA to you) with your application for EMDR basic training.


Qualifying graduate students must be enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral level program in the mental health field (Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing, Social Work) or related mental health discipline considered appropriate by EMDRIA. Students must have completed all of their core graduate academic coursework and must be in the LAST internship portion of their graduate program.

Graduate students must be on a licensing track and working under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health clinician. The internship site must allow the intern to use EMDR with their clients.

Graduate students who are enrolled in a Master’s program in one of the following fields must submit their graduate course transcript to the trainer to determine their eligibility: Art Therapy, Christian/Pastoral Counseling, Drug/Alcohol Counseling, and Music Therapy.

Students who would like to take the basic training will need to submit a letter from the current internship supervisor which includes the supervisor’s credentials, licensure information and license number, and where the internship work is being conducted. In the letter, the supervisor must also state that she/he approves of your participation in this EMDR Basic Training, that she/he approves of your using EMDR therapy in your internship, and that she/he takes on the legal responsibility of being your supervisor.

Please note that it is not required that your supervisor be trained in EMDR. Although this can be helpful, your supervisor does not need to be trained to approve your participation in this program.

Your letter from your supervisor must be received by the training staff before submission of or along with your registration materials.

A graduate transcript and verification of practicum or internship hours may be required as well. The training staff will notify you if this is necessary.

If you meet these eligibility requirements, please proceed to the registration page.